2017 rules

  1. The Lighthorne Festival of One-Act Plays will be run in Lighthorne Village Hall by the Lighthorne Festival Committee whose decisions on all matters will be final.
  2. It will be open by invitation to any bona fide drama or theatre group to enter a One-Act Play, ideally of between 20 and 45 minutes in length. Entrants will pay their own royalties and must provide a licence if requested.
  3. It will be adjudicated and competitive and the winners will receive a trophy. A maximum prize of £1,000 will be divided equally between the winning group and a charity of their choice.
  4. The independent adjudicator, appointed from the Guild of Drama Adjudicators by the Festival Committee, will announce the winner immediately after the Saturday night performances. The adjudicator will give a critique after the final performance on all Festival nights.
  5. A provisional commitment to the Festival Committee in writing is requested from interested groups by October 31 of the year before the Festival. Precedence may be given in date order to groups who express an interest first.
  6. Submissions, including the name of the play, its author, number of cast and running time, plus a synopsis and a script marked with any significant changes with the written authority of the author/ publishers, must be delivered in writing to the Festival Committee by January 31 of the Festival year. Precedence may be given in date order to groups who enter first. In the case of original material, a working draft must also be submitted by January 31. Individual groups may, at the Chairman’s discretion, be charged an entrance fee, refundable after their Festival performance.
  7. The running order of the Festival will be decided by the Festival Committee on artistic and logistic grounds with the aim of publication within a month of entries closing.
  8. Participating groups will use Lighthorne Drama Group equipment which will be operated by their own sound/light crew. Groups may, with the agreement of the Technical Director, bring and use additional technical equipment provided they operate it themselves, it can be set and struck within the prescribed time limits and its operation in no way obstructs, impedes or interferes with the smooth running of the Festival, front-of-house or backstage.
  9. Participating groups must ensure that their scenes are set within 10 minutes before their performance begins and struck within 10 minutes afterwards. Failure to do so will be reported to the adjudicator who may take it into account if it affects the determination of the winner.
  10. Participating groups will obey the directions of the Festival Stage Director at all times.