Briefing Document for 2015 Festival entrants
March 2015

This document is designed to tell you all about the third Lighthorne Festival of One-Act Plays, to be held on June 3, 4, 5, and 6, 2015. If you feel you need more information, “familiarisation”, or assistance of any kind, you have only to say.

You may also wish to refer to the Rules, a Technical Document giving details of equipment available in Lighthorne Village Hall and stage dimensions, plus the 2015 Running Order.

1) Tickets.
Casts, directors and crew (max 4 crew, see below) will have free entry on production of their tickets at the door on the night on which their group appears.

The Box Office will open on Friday April 17, 2015, for priority booking for competing groups. As per previous years, participating groups will be allowed to book in advance a total of 20 full price tickets,18 for the night on which they are appearing and two for the Saturday night. This is to try to ensure that groups’ supporters have a chance to see them in the Festival and that hopefully every group is represented on the Saturday night when the winners are announced and the prize-giving takes place.

Priority places can be booked from Rebecca Cairns via the general Box Office, for preference by clicking here, emailing lighthornefestival@gmail.com or calling 01926 651239.

Groups should make sure they have secured their priority allocations before the Box Office opens to the general public on Friday May 1, 2015, after which date their priority tickets cannot be guaranteed. As a reminder, the Festival sold out in previous years. As last year, tickets are £12 each including hot food.

Performers, directors, up to two technical crew (sound/lights) and up to two props/set crew per participating group ( provided two are required and they are different personnel to the sound/light crew) qualify for optional food-only tickets, priced at £5 each, for the night they are performing and must produce them on the door to gain entry to the Festival and in exchange for their meal. On non-performance nights they will be required to buy tickets at full price. Groups’ food-only tickets should be booked through the Box Office, as above. A “main course” will be served in the first interval and a “pudding” in the second interval. Performers wishing to delay taking their meal until after the adjudication must notify the Catering Manager at least a day in advance. “Main courses” will not be served to anyone in the second interval.

2) Programme.
For the free programme, we need (if not already given) the names of the play, author, director, cast, and crew, plus a 50-word max synopsis of the play as you would wish to see it printed in the programme, no later than Friday April 24, 2015, which is also the general copy deadline for advertising. The synopsis may or may not be different to the one you submitted with your application. Advertising space in the programme is for sale to groups and generally via Committee Chairman Rod Chaytor.

3) Briefing.
There will be a briefing for all participating groups at 10am on Sunday May 17, 2015, in Lighthorne Village Hall where it will be the responsibility of all participating groups to familiarise themselves with Lighthorne Drama Group’s technical equipment. Please see Rule Eight.

4) Parking.
The limited car parking outside the village hall will be kept free for Blue Badge holders and participating groups, particularly those delivering costumes, set and props, who will be allocated three priority car parking passes per group for the night on which they appear. Stewarded public parking will be available courtesy of Lighthorne Lamb, roughly 100 metres from the Village Hall. Disabled access is via a door to the left when viewed from the front car park, and accessed from adjacent Mountford Rise.

5) Sets and Props.
Restrictions on storage space mean that sets and props may have to be stored, until needed, on the car park inside the transport in which they have been brought to Lighthorne Village Hall. Dry weather may make temporary outside readiness near the rear stage door a possibility.

6) Dressing Rooms.
Casts, crew and directors arriving on the night they are performing should report to Stage Director Alan Pickin at the stage door, reached by turning right at the top of the steps when approaching the Village Hall by the main entrance. They will be allocated and directed to one of two dressing rooms at the rear of Lighthorne Village Hall. With three groups per night sharing two dressing rooms, consideration is requested for other groups.

7) Seating.
A table for actors, directors and crew competing that night ONLY will be set aside at the rear of the hall for their use while they are not performing. Numbers are limited. Consideration is requested for other groups. Please do not permit your friends and supporters who have bought seats elsewhere in the hall to join you and occupy actors’ table seats.

8) Setting/Striking.
Festival Rules stating that sets must be set and struck within 10 minutes of each group’s performance will be monitored by the Stage Director who will liaise with each group. Timings must necessarily be flexible because precise running times cannot be predicted. There will be a half-hour interval between the first two plays, when hot food will be served, and a 20 minute interval between the second and third plays.

9) Adjudication.
The GoDA Adjudicator will each night give a critique after the third play and award the prize to the Festival Winner following adjudication on the Saturday night.

10) Prize and Charitable Donation.
The winning group will be required to nominate their chosen charity from the stage immediately after being declared the Winners. The Festival Treasurer will despatch £500 cheques to both the winning group and their chosen charity within seven days of the Festival’s conclusion, as well as writing to the winning group confirming that the donation has been sent on their behalf.

11) Publicity.
Groups wishing to use the Festival to advertise their own forthcoming events will be welcome to hand out flyers outside the hall to attendees as they leave. Posters for groups’ productions, past, present or future, may be incorporated into the overall Village Hall decor. Please contact the Committee. No publicity material will be allowed on tables.

12) Photography.
The Festival photographer will be positioned at the rear of the hall, shooting without a motordrive and on available light. We are confident that his activities should not distract performers but if any group wishes to unsubscribe from photography will they please let Festival organisers know at the May 17 Briefing.

Rules for 2015

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Technical document